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When your car is acting up or breaks down, the last thing you need is a communication breakdown with your technician. Learn how to describe certain sounds with Lesson in Sounds: around the vehicle or Lesson in Sounds: under the hood. Get an idea of what the leak spots on your driveway might mean in Lesson in Liquids. Then next time you make a trip to the repair shop, you and your technician will be talking the same language.
Grinding brakes Worn pads and shoes
Metal on metal when braking Worn-out pads
Metal on metal when encountering bumps Worn-out shocks
Growling from air conditioner Worn compressor
Squealing windshield wipers Worn wiper blades
Whining from tires when turning a corner Dry or worn-out wheel bearings
Squealing from tires when turning a corner Tires low on air or worn


Squeaky brakes Dirt in the lining of the pads or hardening of the pads and shoes
Grinding while shifting gears Worn clutch or clutch that needs adjustment
Screeching under the hood Loose or worn belt
Popping from engine Dirty air filter, bad spark wires
Scraping or buzzing from transmission Transmission needs new fluid
Squeaking noise when shifting Manual transmission needs lubrication
Clunking under hood when gears change Worn joints or engine's idle speed may be set too high
Knocking under hood Need lower gas octane rating, clogged air filter or timing off
Clicking when idling Needs oil
Clunking that worsens as speed increases Broken or worn engine parts


Black fluid Motor oil leak
Red colored spots on your driveway Transmission leak
Yellow, green, or orange stains Coolant/antifreeze leak
Clear liquid with no odor Just dripping water that has condensed on your air conditioner
Clear liquid with an odor Brake fluid leak
Greasy fluid that is pink, red, or clear Power steering or transmission leak